Speaker CJ Powers

CJ_SpeakerCJ Powers is a visual storyteller who partners with businesses, non-profit organizations, executives, public figures and entertainers to develop visual narratives that drive success. Through the use of examples and stories, CJ makes his points memorable and transformative. His motivational style inspires employees to be authentic, while expanding their creative abilities with relevant techniques. 

Workshops and breakout sessions are used to facilitate his inclusive communication process. Individuals learn how to utilize their experiences to transform old business practices with futuristic and practical applications.

What Others Say…

Captivating from moment one. CJ’s blend of storytelling, relevant facts and can-do advice taught us valuable lessons about innovative thinking, and how success in business is tied at the hip with creativity. He reminded us to play often, fail with vigor, and create with whimsical joy. Therein lies one of the biggest competitive advantages for companies and their teams.

Michele Kelly
Co-founder of K+L Storytellers
Speaker Curator for Your Creative Angle

Thank you again for making our series a success. Also, thank you for helping me draw in and
prepare the audience for our best talk to-date. You are a professional in every sense of the word
and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to bring you in again and again.

Jeremy Lynch
Studio Services Specialist / Indie Filmmaker’s Club
Fountaindale Public Library District
Bolingbrook, Illinois

CJ Powers is an excellent speaker. His material is well-organized, and his presentation follows a progression of thought which allows the hearer to easily absorb it. He is at ease with his audience, and pulls them into participation in a humorous, fun manner. CJ drew us into a storytelling mode, and made us feel successful.

Teresa Lavergne
Children’s Ministries

CJ Powers is a gifted communicator who has the ability to provide great content in an interesting and engaging manner. He spoke to a group of twenty over a period of five days. The growth in skill and in their personal lives was dramatic. CJ cares about people and it shows.

Bill Snider
Manila, Philippines


Fortune 500 clients include: AT&T, SBC, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, SEARS, Tambrands, IAMS, Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman.

Non-profit clients include: Bikes 4 Kids, Moody, Pioneer Clubs, Christian Service Brigade, Living Bibles International, and RTC Entertainment.

Contact CJ

CJ can be reached at cj@powersprod.com

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