Entrepreneur — Creative — Author


Known for the special combination of his creativity and business acumen, CJ has coached and provided workshops in 26 countries. His creativity was developed during his time in the film and television industry, and his leadership skills sharpened as he managed key projects in Fortune 50 companies.

His films and television shows have aired on ABC, CBS, PBS, Freeform, WGN, and various syndicated stations. The majority of his writing and directing awards, including the Silver Cindy and Crystal Communicator of Excellence, were for family films. He received additional honors from the U.S. and International Film and Video Festival and the New York Film Festival.

CJ’s business experience includes managing a $480MM revenue stream at a Fortune 40 company where he closed a $750MM Digital Network Deployment agreement. His cost center experience includes managing the indirect sales and marketing spend of $250MM for a Fortune 50 company. CJ also managed an international sales force spanning 15 countries for a Fortune 500 company.

CJ is the founder and CEO of Powers Productions, Inc., a marketing communications company that offers entertainment and social media services. He has authored five books and hundreds of blog posts for various companies.

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