No Box Creativity™

Building Innovative Departments that Drive Company Success

Research shows that 82% of companies see a strong connection between creativity and business results, but 26% do nothing about it. No Box Creativity™ is a keynote address, with available workshop sessions, which uses current research to demonstrate that creativity is a key differentiator in the marketplace and directly impacts the company’s ability to innovate.

Companies built the “box” lifestyle for employees during the days of industry in America. When PCs were invented, companies inspired employees to think outside of the box. Today, companies need innovation to survive, which requires employees to no longer work, but play—not in or out of a box, but in a box-less marketplace.

This customized talk inspires employees to realize their creativity and increase the productivity of each department, which drives the company’s bottom line with disruptive services and products in the marketplace.

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Creating Business Stories that Sell

People are inundated with communication noise and it’s getting harder for the right message to be seen and heard by the right person. Sales and marketing need efficient ways to match the right person to the right message in a sea of noise without too great of an expense. The purpose of this talk is to bring focus to the right message in order to effectively attract the right person in a way that produces positive results and measurable feedback.

Using Video to Socialize Brand to Millennials

Millennials no longer make buying decisions based on a product’s features, but a company’s service and its integration with helping community. Many business managers attempt to reposition their features and benefits, but find their attempts futile. This talk will explain the formula of how to use social media to visually demonstrate the company’s products in a positive light, while enlightening managers to the latest Millennial buying trends.

Developing a Visual Narrative for the Internet

World-class business practices drive great products and services, but few create the emotional appeal and visual narrative needed to attract unique visitors to the company website. Managers need knowledge of how visual storytellers craft cutting-edge messages that promote viral site traffic. The purpose of this talk is to equip managers with the understanding of story structure, SEO benchmarking techniques, and visual workflow in order to prepare information and materials for a production company.

Guys/Gals Under Tremendous Stress

Guys/Gals Under Tremendous StressMen and Women face stress at many levels, but few are taught how to preclude or manage the stress. Those few who practice stress techniques in the workplace find it difficult to transition what they have learned to home life. This talk educates men and women on specific stress reduction and management techniques, while using real-life examples, including dealing with a car accident, buying a first home, dealing with unemployment, starting a new job, giving a daughter away in marriage and public speaking.

Rebalancing Your Portfolio of Life

When life throws us a curveball, people find themselves needing to check and rebalance their priorities and actions to that of a healthy lifestyle, but few know how to do it. This talk equips individuals to rebalance their lives quarterly through the use of spiritual, leadership and financial management techniques. The system specifically addresses the importance of being who we were meant to be and the steps to maintain balance in life mentally, physically, financially and creatively within ones community and family.

Raising Media-Wise Kids

There comes a time in every parent’s life when the realization hits that they are slowly losing their ability to police what their kids watch on TV and the Internet. Parents need knowledge of the way Hollywood works and creative ideas for helping to prepare their kids to make their own positive viewing decisions. The purpose of this talk is to equip parents with the tools and techniques to train their kids to think critically in making responsible viewing decisions on their own.